Plant based candles & pure essential oils

    Handmade in Byron Bay.









    Lua offers you a full range of luxury candles handmade in the enchanting area of Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. This makes each candle unique and special.


    Our candles are ethical, vegan GMO free and sustainably sourced. We do our best to make positive choices that are considerate of our environment and this beautiful planet.


    We only use essential oils that are carefully extracted from plants. This method produces amazing therapeutic qualities that enliven our senses.


    Our objective is to fuse beautiful design with health and wellbeing in order to create these unique, sustainable and decorative offerings.

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    At LUA we want to encourage you the practice of Ritual in your modern life. Take a moment to connect with yourself whilst enjoying the pure elements that we use in our products. So turn your phone of, light a candle and take time for yourself to be yourself.


    At Lua we love natural products.

    Our products are ethical, vegan, GMO free and sustainably sourced.


    We believe that the world needs positive change and we want be part of it by creating a line of products that are In alignment with the needs of our bodies as well as our environment.


    We are always creating, investigating, discovering and evolving new formulas to meet our objectives.

    We believe that removing uneccesarey chemicals from our daily life is the first step towards being truly healthy and happy.


    All the natural and pure substances that we use are precious gifts from nature that quality help to create holistic balance in your body, mind and soul.


    Feel the difference.




    Smell is the most powerful of the senses. A particular aroma or perfume can evoke old memories and feelings. This occurs because the nose is connected with a very ancient and intuitive part of the brain. The limbic system.


    Essential oils are made of very small particles that are able to easily absorbed from our noses to our circulatory system. These highly concentrated plant components possess many benefits that can assist with our health and wellbeing.


    The main difference between essential oils and fragrances, is that fragrances involve cheaper manufacturing techniques that result in artificially created scents, designed to mimic the aroma of a natural product but without the qualities of essential oil. Moreover, artificial fragrances can contain harmful additives and chemicals that are damaging to our bodies and our environment.


    It takes a huge volume of plant matter to extract a small portion of essential oil. (4000 pounds of Bulgarian roses are needed to get just one pound of oil) .That´s why essential oils are so special and precious.


    At Lua we encourage you to try the difference. Make everyday a beautiful ritual by using pure and natural products. Connect with your roots, listen to your body and give it some love. Learn how to access your inner wisdom amidst our modern society where we have lost our connection with the Earth.

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    My name is Marta. I'm a pharmacist who did not believe that standard practice was taking us in the good direction and decided to change my path, travel, explore and learn more about my passions: botanicals, raw and natural products, photography and design.


    In this venture I started to question everything and to connect deep with my self'-knowledge living a life more natural and according to my passions and beliefs.

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    We are a small company based in Byron Bay.